Convenience Kills


July 12, 2018

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I know it sounds a bit dramatic but I truly believe that by making our world easier and easier we are slowly killing ourselves.

Apart from the indigenous tribes around the world, the ‘developed world’ is rapidly losing the ancient wisdom and knowledge that was once needed to build, grow and survive.


The knowledge to grow, identify and forage for food, was critical for our survival whereas now we have mainly given away the control of our food chain to factory farms and super market chains, if shit hit the fan, how many of us would be able to survive without someone else providing our food, myself included.


We also use transport to move more and more, to cover vast distances in such short spaces of time but our bodies less and less, more people are obese and suffering from the effects of sedentary lifestyle choices these days than ever before.

People have forgotten how to move and use the beautiful machine they are housed in 24 hours a day, we find easier ways of performing physical tasks, so we don’t have to put the effort in.

Can you imagine a day in the life of living in the wild…

After a busy day building or repairing your house, chopping wood for fire, hunting, gathering or harvesting your food, do you think you would feel the need to ‘work out’, to get fitter, stronger and build muscle or do you think you would just put your feet up after a hard day of physical graft? and what kind of natural body shape do you think you’d have?


We use google, apps and other handy devices to remove the thinking portion of our day to day lives, reducing the stimulation to our brains that force us to think, use our memory to remember facts for ourselves and find solutions to problems.

Technology rather than giving us back time, has allowed us to cram more into our lives giving us less rather than more time, with this comes an increased level of stress and this lack of time pushes us to seek more convenient and efficient ways to live and to eat.

Move it or Lose it

The human body is the laziest and the most efficient machine on earth, it only does what it needs to, it ALWAYS takes the path of least resistance in order to conserve energy stores in order to survive. Adding muscle is an expensive energetic pain in the ass as is the maintenance of that muscle. Should you decide to stop stimulating it to greater levels and providing it with the substrate to create more tissue, you will lose it.

Life wasn’t supposed to be easy and it’s our constant need to move from pain to pleasure that creates so many of our problems, if we just faced up to the fact that a little hard work and resistance is what helps us grow, physically and mentally.

“Inner Strength is Built in the Darkness”

These are many of the reasons that prevent people from learning the much needed principles and foundations of how, why and what to eat but instead teaches us to reach for the nearest neatly made and packed ‘ready to eat’ meal.

That’s why with my coaching I always try to educate clients on the fundamentals and principles of good Plant based nutrition to give you freedom beyond my programs, coaching and to help you make empowered food choices for the rest of your life.

If you want to take back control and own your nutrition then one of my Online Coaching Packages could be for you, click here for more information…

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