Are we dining on the leftovers of our past?


November 29, 2018

Just because we’ve done something for hundreds of years, it doesn’t make it right, take the three following past beliefs for example…


The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 abolished slavery throughout the British Empire, up until that point it was considered normal to use other human beings as slaves.

Women’s Rights

Only 100 years ago in 1918 women over 30 were granted the right to vote in Britain, up until then it was considered normal for women NOT to be allowed to vote, it took them 51 years after the London Society for Women’s Suffrage was formed in 1867.


It was only in 1967 that they decriminalised Homosexuality between 2 men in the UK, up until then it was considered ILLEGAL. In Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, homosexuality is still punishable by death, under sharia law.

As we move along this journey of humanity and our compassion, empathy and awareness increases for all living beings on our planet, we realise that some of our past beliefs and habits that we have been locked into are wrong.

All these traditions and beliefs only exist because we agree to them on a mass scale.

I believe the way we’ve treated animals for food will be next the next belief system to fall, it takes courage to admit that your habits and beliefs for many years have been not only wrong but contributing to much pain and suffering around you.

But trust me, when you make that choice you will feel a big weight lifted from your shoulders and you’ll wonder why you never made the decision sooner.

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Adam Stansbury

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