Does your Commitment match your Expectation?


February 19, 2020

Creating a vision is the fun part of any form of transformational process, we can let our minds run wild with the infinite possibilities that our imagination can create.

But when the hard and sometimes boring daily work begins this is when we get our reality check, this is why it’s super important to set goals that are realistic and achievable.

We still need a goal to feel slightly out of reach because that’s what excites us, the possibility of achieving something outside of our current comfort zone but not so far out of touch that it can leave us feeling dejected when the invariable ‘Relapse’ stage occurs.

So we must strive to make sure that our level of Commitment matches our lofty Expectations, and we must ask ourselves the question, am I really willing to do what I have to, day in and day out to make my dream a reality? Yes or No…

This is what today’s video is all about Enjoy!

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Adam Stansbury

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