Knowing when to walk away


December 7, 2019

One of the biggest lessons for me in 2019 has been to know when to walk away from things in your life that no longer serve you, and to have the courage to make decisions that may cause short term pain but will be better for everyone involved in the long run.

There have been 3 distinct instances of this for me this year:

  1. The ending of my marriage in March, we both had to accept our situation was not changing and to make the courageous decision to transition out of our relationship, when you still have a deep love for somone this is a very hard decision to make but you know deep inside it’s for the best.
  2. Cancelling my Retreat in March 2020 with my spirit sister Jo Lewins which I was so excited about, but as time went on and with a few reasons, we both realised that the energy wasn’t flowing freely enough with the third party involved for it to happen, so we both decided to cancel it.
  3. Ending the Crowdfunding Project for my Book which brings me onto the blog post below…

It is with regret and slight relief that I have decided to end the crowdfunding campaign for my book Plant Powered with UnBound.

This year has been full of ups and downs just like many other years have been, in fact more ups than downs in the grand scheme of things but one of the lessons I’ve tried to fully embrace this year is Einstein’s quote…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again, whilst expecting a different result.”

Unfortunately, I finally had to apply this reasoning to my crowdfunding campaign. It was knocked off the rails earlier this year for personal reasons and then with so many other commitments in my life as the year went on, it’s been increasingly difficult for me to see where I would get the additional time and energy to create the much needed momentum that a crowdfunding project needs to reach 100% funding.

So I have decided that I will end the project, update the manuscript with all the new additional information that has come to light over the last 18 months since I wrote it and will look for other means of publishing the book, so please watch this space.

I would just like to thank all of you for showing your support in me and my vision for this book and content, it really has meant the world to me that so many of you chose to support this process but I felt that 1 year was enough to see if I could make this work.

I’d also like to thank UnBound for giving me the chance and the platform to try and get my message out in to world.

You win some, you lose some and sometimes in losing you end up winning, to be continued.

Thanks again

Adam x


If you have made a pledge and supported my project on UnBound then you will receive an automated message from UnBound which will give you directions on how to claim a refund (basically just by replying to that email).

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