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December 4, 2019

  • What is Reality to you?
  • Who says what Reality is to you?
  • Your Reality is your unique experience.
  • You make that decision.

So therefore your Perception of your Reality is what creates an enjoyable, traumatic or any number of experiences perceived by your own set of physical instruments.

So It is our Energy that effects how we Perceive our Reality.

What’s your experience of Reality…

  • …after a poor nights sleep?
  • …when you’re hungry?
  • …after a long day at work?
  • …from burning the candle at both ends?
  • …in a toxic relationship?
  • …from over training/ under recovering?
  • …with a busy schedule and no downtime?

You can see how by managing your own energy you can directly effect how you perceive reality and how you respond to circumstances in a more favourable way, so that you may flow and enjoy life more.

For example if I haven’t slept well and I’m hungry, well lets just say I’m not the most patient and reasonable person to be around, but I’m aware of it now and so try to manage my energy as best I can do I don’t end up as that ‘Grumpy Arsehole’.

You may have seen on my Instagram how busy I’ve been the last few months, how many activities I’ve taken part in, experiences I’ve had but what you haven’t seen much of is my downtime and energy management. (Well maybe some of it)…I’ve become pretty good at saying NO when I need to.

The bed at 9-10pm during the week, the daily cold showers, meditations, the day time naps, the grounding in nature, the evenings alone reading, afternoons and days at the weekend where I’ve chosen to spend time alone, to recharge, to reset, to contemplate, because I know how being in a negative energy balance for me effects my mood, my perception and my overall enjoyment of life and how being in a positive energy balance enables me to get the most out of life and enjoy many wonderful experiences.

I’ve also realised that in my last relationship by me not setting boundaries and managing my own energy, it didn’t get the best of me. But it’s my energy, my responsibility.

I know some might say I’m lucky, I’m single now, I have no other responsibilities and have time so that I can focus on my own energy but no matter what other responsibilities you may have, if you don’t take responsibility and MANAGE YOUR ENERGY then no one will get the best version of you, your reality, your experiences, your wife/husband, your kids, your friends, not even you.

Investing in your Energy Management will 10X your Enjoyment of Life.


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