Set Goals and Make Your Dreams Come True


February 26, 2020

We all have hopes and dreams but if we don’t put in place specific and disciplined actions then we will probably never realise them.

Likewise, disciplined actions each day without a purpose or direction will mean that we’ll be going around in circles and not moving forward.

Powerful Vision + Disciplined Application = SUCCESS!

Creating a Powerful Vision is so important to give us the excitement which gets us out of bed each day and pushes us on through more challenging times during the process, it needs to be slightly beyond our current position or status in order for it to be something worth striving for but not too far out of our reach that we have trouble connecting with it emotionally.

But then we must start taking DISCIPLINED ACTION otherwise that dream will always stay in the clouds, contrary to the popular book ‘The Secret’, thought alone is not enough to make £1 million drop in your lap or to wake up one day with a six pack, you must align your thoughts, words and actions to make it happen.

In today’s coaching video I’m going to explore the elements of Goal Setting with you, if you apply what I discuss to all your goals, whether physical, professional or personal it’ll be a matter of time before you achieve them rather then if you achieve them.


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