Thankyou Discomfort Zone!


December 16, 2019

Photo by David Southey

I’ve learnt a lot from you in 2019!

It’s a place I seem to have been spending more and more time in this last year, it has taught me so much about myself.

Everything grows in this place of discomfort and I’d like to grow into the best version of myself, so I decided that the sooner I accept that life contains consistent struggles that I must face and embrace, then the greater frequency and up levelling of growth I experience and the richer my life will and has become.

Cold water has been a constant daily teacher and reminder of the discomfort zone throughout this year, even on days when I’ve had my feet up, they’ve mostly started with a cold shower.

I’m upto 2 minutes cold and 30 seconds hot every morning now, then 15 minutes of meditation.

Forcing yourself to face even a tiny fear like this on a daily basis is a behavioural habit that will accumulate over a long period of time, which then makes stepping into larger discomfort zones less daunting, feeling the fear and doing it anyway. (to paraphrase Susan Jeffers book)

“It’s basically daily micro dosing for discomfort.

My 2019 experience with cold water peaked during an Ice Bath retreat in Brighton with the amazing Lisa Shabbas, which the main photo was taken from after I emerged from nearly 5 minutes in iced water.

Watch my full review of the experience on IGTV here…

Lisa get’s out of her comfort zone on a daily basis swimming in the English sea most mornings, and slips into a bath tub of ice like it was a steaming turkish bath, she’s basically a warrior, a very inspiring woman, and living proof of how daily exposure to cold water can help improve you as a human being. If you want to take part on one of her retreats, follow her on instagram here…

2019 has been an incredibley uncomfortable yet rewarding year of personal work, lessons and experiences from; a marriage break up, 16 psychotherapy sessions (to date), multiple public speaking events (I spoke to 250 people at Vegan Campout) and recently did 2 corporate presentations back to back, 4 Kambo Ceremonies with Planet Kambo (the vomit inducing south American Frog venom), an insane life changing Breathwork Experience with Christopher Gladwell, Shamnic energy Healing with Josh, Gong Baths with Gary’s Amazing gong from Alkalize Me, incredible Sober Raving and festivals with Rise and Shine, reattuning to Reiki Level 2 with my spirit sister Jo Lewins, Ayahuasca once again, learning to Salsa dance, Kali Stick Fighting with Paul Dee / Bruce Lee 😉, Brazilian Jui Jitsu at Flow 63, a 5 hour Tantric Massage, a Sensory Awareness retreat in Tuscany with the incredible SATI Dynamic, currently filming the exercise lectures I wrote for College of Naturopathic Medicine Health Coach course (definitely in discomfort zone!), soon to be lecturing for them(yet more discomfort to come!) and many many wonderful books, podcasts and YouTube videos that have provided me with more deep insight, contemplation and growth in a single year than I have ever experienced in the last 41 years, but why?

“Because I’ve realised that life will always be full of trials and challenges, so instead of running from them, why not run with them or even run into them, embracing them all and surrendering to the expansive and ever evolving nature of life, no one gets out of this alive, so let’s get out of this experience everything we possibley can.”

Definitely a moment of invigorating discomfort speaking in front of 250 people at Vegan Campout 2019

Bring on 2020, more Discomfort, more Growth and an ever increasing fascination for life but hopefully they’ll be a bit of comfort at Christmas 😉

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