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July 9, 2018

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I definitely lost my motivation for a few months this year but have now totally regained it and I’m buzzing again every morning for my training, my work, my life and inspiring others to make a difference.

But where did it go?

Trust me it happens to the best of us, even the ones who it may look like on the outside are super motivated and enthusiastic, especially in the fitness industry as this is the mask that we must wear day in day out, after all it’s what our clients are paying us for and what people on social media and newsletters are counting on us for, or at least we think they are 😉 and so we pile the pressure on ourselves to keep a brave face on things.

After deciding not to do a show this year and realising that I didn’t need to train at all to define myself anymore, my motivation all started to go a bit wobbly, although I enjoyed a period of not really being bothered about my own training it was affecting me and it was affecting my work, I was essentially missing what I work with clients to set…a goal!

It was also leading up to my 40th birthday in May, I’d been training myself for 20 years, Personal Training for 9 years and I was starting to run on empty, but I knew all I needed was a break, I wanted to honour this age in my life and have a period of reflection on my past and to look forward to my future and just exactly think about where and what I wanted to be.

So I withdrew from the gym, from fitness, and immersed myself into nature, allowing the new version of myself to come through and burst out the other side raring to go again, I just needed to be patient and allow that process to take place.

That has been one of the biggest lessons for me so far this year, to honour Process in life, rather than rushing to get from one place to another, rather than wanting to become the next version of myself without having to go through the necessary growth to get there, because each difficult day that you go through is part of that process of rebuilding and reforming, enjoy it and trust that it will all work out.

So I took over 2 weeks off from mid May until June and did just that, the peace and tranquillity away from London and the gym, reading books, eating good food, meditating, contemplating my life, stripping it down and rebuilding a new version.

I also realised that I needed to set myself a new physical goal and challenge again, so I have started my own 90 Day Plant Powered Shred program, I’m at the end of week 3 in cycle 1 and I am loving it once again, just having the structure each day to my training and nutrition has been highly motivating and just what I needed, it’s also been another realisation of a Process that I must trust in, I can’t just leap frog into great shape, I have to do the work and apply myself with consistency and commitment, enjoying the journey.

It’s also having the added benefit of inspiring me to create new recipes and content for clients currently on the program and to make notes and improvements for a new version release later this year.

I also felt so inspired again, that I decided to start writing my book, I’ve nearly completed the first 10 chapters (23,000 words) just 16 more to go and I am enjoying the process, I’m not rushing it, I’m enjoying writing each word, each sentence, each chapter and taking my time, allowing it to naturally formulate so that it will be the best piece of work I can create.

I’m relearning the importance of process in my life, in all areas, every day we all go through so many processes that are helping us to evolve as human beings in whatever direction we choose.

So trust in the process, enjoy the process in all that you do and know that you will get there eventually. I’m not being morbid but we are all going to die one day, so we might as well enjoy our time here rather than rushing to get to the end game!

If you’d like to join me on the process of getting into great shape on The 90 Day Plant Powered Shred you can sign up here and start next Monday…

Peace Out and Plant Power


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