Why a Plant Based Diet is our Future


October 31, 2018

Photo by Gem & Lauris RK on Unsplash

Whether you like it or not, it seems logical to me that Humanity will be making an inevitable transition to a predominantly plant-based diet, even without the ethical and environmental arguments.

It’s just basic mathematics that will tell you that we cannot maintain our current trajectory with finite space and resources, with the habits we currently have, all it needs is a little foresight of cause and effect to see where we are heading, consider this:

1. We live on a finite Planet, it is limited in size and space.

2. Human births per day are approximately 180-230,000

3. Human deaths per day are approximately 75-95,000

4. The Human Race grows by approximately 110-135,000  per day.

5. Increased Humans + Traditional Nutritional Beliefs = Increased Demand for Farmed Animals

It’s obvious then that the demand for animal products is increasing, to feed and clothe these extra mouths that are being bought up in the ‘meat is best’ belief system, as we know that at best only 3% of the world is currently vegan.

6. Increased Humans+ Increased Farmed Animals + Crops to Feed Animals + Resources to Support Farming (land and fresh water) = LESS SPACE

7. More Animals + Less Space = Worse Living Conditions.

This means that most of those animals will be kept in smaller and smaller areas to accommodate them, leading to more horrific living conditions.

8. More Animals + Less Space + Worse Living Conditions = Increase Risk of Disease.

These cramped and traumatic living conditions will lead to a greater risk of disease spreading.

9. Increase Risk of Disease = Increased use of Antibiotics in Farming

The greater risk of disease will lead to an increased number of antibiotics needed for prevention and an increased need for supplements and hormones to ensure sustained growth and profit. At the moment at least 50% of the antibiotics used in the UK are for Animal Agriculture. Watch the short documentary SWINE on YouTube…

10. Increased use of Antibiotics in Farming + Increased Number of Humans Eating Farmed Animals = Increased Risk of Antibiotic Resistant Diseases

This greater use of antibiotics could lead to an increased risk of resistant diseases that could be deadly to humans who consume meat from this part of the food chain.

11. Increased Number of Humans + Increased Number of Farmed Animals + Increased Risk of Antibiotic Resistant Diseases = A MASSIVE PROBLEM FOR THE HUMAN RACE

We could be either wiped out by a disease that our antibiotics cannot treat, or we WILL eventually run out of space.

I haven’t even talked about the increased levels of CO2 and Methane that would come with an increase in Animal Agriculture. Which even at today’s levels is one of, if not the biggest contributor to global green house gas emissions, which is not only raising global temperatures and melting ice caps but is reducing the nutrients in our soil and food.

When you consider all of the above, doesn’t it make logical sense that we should make the shift to a plant based diet ASAP and reduce meat consumption. Otherwise we are just going to run out of space, making more wild animal species extinct, destroying more natural eco-systems which could be saving our lives from CO2 levels if we weren’t destroying them and we will turn our beautifully, unique and diverse planet into a gigantic farm.

There is NO PLANET B!

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Adam Stansbury

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